FeverTreeConsulting believes that business success in Africa requires a ‘hands-on’ approach to address institutional and infrastructural constraints, which is different to doing business in the developed world.


Africa is undoubtedly the world’s next business frontier. Buoyed by strong economic growth, on-going reforms, high commodity prices and improved investor perceptions, the continent has seen significant investment inflows into Sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade.

Against this backdrop, FTC works with clients to help drive growth and competitiveness in the dynamic emerging markets of Africa’s rapidly changing socio-economic and political landscape, in both the public and private sectors.

FTC consultants have been deployed in more than 16 different countries on the continent and have worked for a range of industries, companies, agencies and development partners.

Why FTC is a preferred partner on the Continent.

Broad Institutional Network in Africa

FTC provides governments in Africa with the expertise to develop their investor value propositions and consequently has come to an intimate understanding of their institutional processes and business incentive schemes

Driving Change from the Field

FTC consultants work on location in-country with Clients to overcome the difficult market dynamics, resource and infrastructure limitations.

Business System Experts

FTC has a detailed understanding of institutional and private business systems and is well placed to provide business advisory support at any point in the business life cycle.

Stakeholder Focused

FTC has the essential expertise to drive focussed stakeholder management programmes and effectively facilitate stakeholder engagement across the continent.

Ensuring Success through Customised Solutions

FTC contributes to the success of private firms operating in African markets through the development of tailored solutions to address persistent operational problems.